VAIKOO  TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.   is a high-tech entity specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling motherboard, VGA graphics accelerator as well as mobile digital products. Since established in 2007, VAIKOO has already built up a high-qualified, intellectual and efficiency groups with staffs for manufacturing, development and service. The  company has 6 branches and a modernized computer fittings production base in China. In 2009, Hong Kong office was set up to satisfy the needs of global market.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of “ Bring The Best Into Your Life”, Vaikoo has made continuous effort to provide many famous Chinese brands with OEM/ODM products and solutions, and thus possessed formidable strength and influence in the field of domestic graphics accelerator and motherboard.

For strategy consideration, Vaikoo has successfully developed its own brand “ Vaikoo” for China IT market and for overseas market and striving for the overseas expansion target.

Vaikoo has obvious superiority with regards to product information, chip purchase and technology development, and can reacted very promptly to the product information and advanced technology to support product design, so as to provide users with the most considerable products.

Most of you probably haven't heard about VVIKOO before, that's because they are new in the business. Their name is pronounced "wico" like you would say VCore, just without the "re" at the end.

Let's first see what the company has to say about themselves:

VVIKOO, established in Paris in early 2007, is one of the world leading companies whose objective is to create a new gaming environment for customers all over the world.

The meaning of Vvikoo:
The sound of Vvikoo in French is similar to video cool in English. That is the beginning of Vvikoo. Therefore, when the first time people see or hear Vvikoo, they know Vvikoo was born for vga crd.

Powerful products :
Vvikoo provides various of products from high-end products to mainstream products of NVIDIA and ATI chipsets. We use the highest quality coolers and heatsinks to ensure the heat dissipation. Also, we have the innovative designs to tweak our products to the highest performance. Moreover, our advanced producing processes help our products keep the best quality when we combine all together.

Market-oriented strategy :
We believe only right products emerge at right time can satisfy the need of market. Our marketing and sales teams do research in each region completely and analyze people's actual need and create the corresponding products for each market. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy all of your need no matter what products you buy from Vvikoo.

Customer satisfaction :
Customer satisfaction is a key for us. For your piece of mind, not only have we built our reputation on quality built products, we take pride in our ability to offer the best in customer services. We listen carefully to each request and feedback from our customers, and do our best to improve our products and services if possible. Our goal is to serve our customers from the beginning to the end. They can always use our products with ease and satisfaction because they know Vvikoo will solve any possible problems for their customers.

Vvikoo will maintain its highest quality and services. Also, Vvikoo listens to what market really needs and will never stop!

VVIKOO will sell both NVIDIA and ATI products on the markets Germany, France and UK first. After that, an expansion to cover whole Europe is planned for the future. It is certainly not profitable for a company this size to have their own factory. That's why VVIKOO has teamed up with Palit (one of the biggest video card producers in the world) to bring their customers cost-effective, high quality solutions. This does not mean that the cards are simply rebranded Palit/XpertVision products. According to VVIKOO, the company performs additional quality and testing control to ensure a defect free product.

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